Community College Research Initiatives

June 23, 2020

Connecting Learning About the Earth to Societal Issues: Downstream Effects on Faculty Teaching

This past Spring we had CCRI’s very own Lia Wetzstein’s work published! Read about the paper below, then download the article directly or access via Wiley Online Library.

About this article

This study provides an empirical look at the impact on instructors interacting with sustainability curriculum in different ways across multiple institutions and disciplines via InTeGrate. While international studies underscore an emergent relationship between sustainability curricula, active learning pedagogies, and student learning outcomes, a gap exists in the literature in understanding benefits perceived by faculty who create such curricula.

Moreover, even less is understood about the downstream influence on the teaching practices of faculty. In this chapter, downstream, is used to describe faculty who did not create sustainability curriculum but adopted the curriculum created by others.

Research Questions

What did instructors find beneficial while creating, modifying, and utilizing InTeGrate sustainability materials and overtime? How did the creation and utilization of the sustainability curriculum influence instructors’ use of active learning techniques? How did structuring the curriculum around guiding principles focused on sustainability education influence instructors’ teaching?

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