Community College Research Initiatives

December 3, 2019

NSF ATE Project Update

Leveraging statewide longitudinal data to improve technical education pathways

Phase one, in this three-year landscape study of National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF ATE) programs funded in Washington in the last ten years, has begun. Our team, consisting of University of Washington researchers, and faculty and administrators from Seattle Central College, Green River College, and Skagit Valley College are working to understand the current use and need for student-level outcomes data in technical programs. This phase of our research will inform phase two, where we work to be the connective tissue that gets relevant data in the hands of technical program faculty. The first advisory committee meeting will be held on January 8, 2020, at the University of Washington.  The meeting will provide an overview of the project from the UW team, college co-PIs, and partners and gather input on key aspects of the research plan.

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