Office of Educational Assessment

LizAnne Ngo

Research Scientist

Assessment & Evaluation

Telephone: (206) 543-9487


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LizAnne has been with the Office of Educational Assessment since January 2018, beginning as an intern and then as a research assistant before her current role as a research scientist. She appreciates the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with her team members, sharing with them the commitment to improving educational practice through assessment and evaluation of educational programs within and outside of the UW. LizAnne’s quantitative methodological interests center on longitudinal modeling and survey research. Her doctoral coursework included an array of analytic methods (e.g., survival analysis, time series, item response theory, nonlinear models, etc.) as well as courses in mixed methods, education policy, history of education, and learning theory. As a U.S. immigrant, former emergent bilingual student, and first-generation college student, LizAnne fully empathizes with the educational access issues these students face and is a passionate supporter of data-driven educational policy.