uw impact

Advocating for the UW and higher education in the state of Washington

Since 2010, UWAA members and alumni from around the state have joined together to stand up for the UW and public higher education. UW Impact, the UWAA’s legislative advocacy program, serves as a public resource for anyone who recognizes the value of the University and understands that the UW needs effective voices to keep its future strong.

The UW Impact program has two main components: advocacy and education. During Washington State legislative sessions, we encourage UWAA members, UW alums and friends of public higher education to become advocates by taking action in support of public investment for the UW. Outside of session, UW Impact connects alumni and their lawmakers through education, outreach, events and community gatherings.

Advocacy helps ensure that the UW’s legacy of excellence and world-class opportunities will be available for future generations of students. UW Impact advocacy is non-partisan (red and blue make Husky purple), and easy. Getting involved requires no political experience – just a love for the UW and a willingness to take an active role in sharing the power of public higher education.

Last week, UW Impact headed east to spend time with our advocates and give our thanks to Spokane-area lawmakers who fought hard for the UW and higher education this past legislative session. Lawmakers funded an expansion of UW Medicine’s medical education program in Spokane, and they also prioritized an unprecedented tuition cut for Washington students and families.

Advocates, UW leadership and lawmakers joined together and celebrated these accomplishments at the UW Spokane Center.