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The Galapagos Islands — Western Itinerary

Jan. 28–Feb. 4, 2025

Tour Operator: Orbridge

Activity Level: Moderate

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Seeking a profound connection with the natural world? Join us on a transformative voyage through the enchanting Galapagos Islands to celebrate life’s diversity and to witness firsthand the stunning display of nature’s endless wonders.



  • Visit must-see highlights of Quito during a full-day, guided city tour, including Old Town Quito, the colorful San Francisco Market, La Compañía de Jesús (the “Golden Church”), and Casa del Alabado Archaeological Museum.
  • Experience unparalleled opportunities for immersive, up-close encounters with a myriad of wildlife. Walk among curious creatures on shore, snorkel beside sea lions and turtles in the clear waters of the world’s second largest marine reserve, and witness genuine interactions between species in the wild.
  • Benefit from knowledgeable naturalist guides who will provide insight on the origins of the unique flora and fauna endemic to the Galapagos Islands.
  • Choose from a variety of water activities — the Isabela II is well-equipped with snorkel gear and ocean kayaks. Guides will also lead numerous outings by panga and glass-bottom boat.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to many island locations. Isabela II has sailing privileges other vessels do not, so no other boats will be in sight during many moorings and shore landings.
  • Visit historic sites, including the Charles Darwin Research Station — the iconic site of Galapagos National Park research and conservation efforts — most notable for its captive breeding program for the Galapagos giant tortoise; and Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island, one of the first sites visited by Charles Darwin

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