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Antarctica Discovery

Jan. 11–22, 2024

Tour Operator: Orbridge

Activity Level: Moderate

To learn more or to book, click the button above or call Orbridge at 866-639-0079

Your safety is our top priority! See Orbridge’s safety and health protocols.

Join this truly life-changing adventure to experience the boundless beauty and pristine vastness of Antarctica. This remote continent and its precarious waterways have hosted some of the most courageous explorers in history, and have been the scenes of both triumph and tragedy since Captain Cook first sailed the region in 1773.

Embark aboard the Ocean Victory from Ushuaia, Argentina, and cruise through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands amid the Antarctic Peninsula—exploring the dramatic landscapes and remarkable wildlife that call this continent home. Trek through penguin rookeries, observe vast flocks of seabirds, learn about Antarctic ice conditions, and discover the sites of both past and present scientific expeditions.

Orbridge is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of all its tours. Ocean Victory uses the world’s least polluting engines, and the tour staff uses biodegradable products and no single-use plastics on board. Read more about Orbridge’s commitment to “Go Beyond Green.”

Program Highlights:

  • Explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, a beautiful island chain filled with an impressive variety of wildlife.
  • Cruise aboard the perfect vessel for exploration. Ocean Victory is an Ice Class 1A super (equivalent to Polar Class 6), featuring 83% of its cabins with private observation decks and a unique X-Bow ship design. The inverted bow quickens the Drake Passage crossing as it slices through waves, reducing rolling by 80%—and helping to prevent possible seasickness. This proven technology produces very low levels of noise and vibration.
  • The vessel is also environmentally friendly onboard, with an implementation of the Green Initiative Program, ensuring both absolute comfort and sustainability for our guests.
  • Enjoy the company and keen insights of expert expedition guides, scientists, and lecturers throughout the journey.
  • Explore at your own pace, with numerous passenger landings and discoveries throughout the voyage, aided by a nimble fleet of Zodiacs and knowledgeable guides.
  • Take advantage of the ship’s impressive amenities, including two hot tubs, spa, gym, lounges, outdoor bar, and interactive dining experience.

Optional Pre-tour Activity

  • Experience summer in Argentina as you explore its sophisticated capital city, Buenos Aires — where rich historic sites, charming shops and restaurants, and welcoming locals create a splendid combination of old and new.

Optional Excursions (booked on the ship)

  • Join the optional Polar Camping excursion ($350 per person, subject to change; limited availability and weather permitting). With specialized performance gear and expert guidance, prepare for an evening beneath the austral firmament. Campers sleep unsheltered in a cozy bivy sack for the utmost connection to the environment—as hearty explorers have done in years past.
  • Join the optional Sea Kayaking excursion ($250 per person, subject to change; limited availability and weather permitting). This is a one-time opportunity to explore the outstanding grandeur and magical beauty of the polar regions using a kayak. Participants must have prior kayaking experience.

Program itinerary is subject to change. See final brochure for complete details.

Cost Details

Please see tour brochure for details.

Your safety is our top priority! See Orbridge’s safety and health protocols.

Please consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your trip. Learn more.

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