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Tanya Kumar | Regional Trustee

Class of 2018, UW Bothell, Bachelors of Arts, Law, Economics & Public Policy

Portrait: Tanya Kumar

Why I Serve

I was born in Canada where the American dream was obviously a more foreign concept. As a high-schooler, I lived near UW Bothell and my notions of the American dream grew to overlap with defining the Husky experience – a sense of community, learning, betterment and service. Huskies care for one another. It’s an outward-looking sentiment that embraces those around us with open arms.

UW Bothell introduced me to pathways I hadn’t previously considered. I was deeply engaged with my classes rather than just going through the motions. A bioethics course unlocked my passion for law and policy and that solidified when I pursued a student opportunity to attend a human rights seminar in Washington, D.C. I further developed my leadership skills by running for office and being elected UW Bothell’s student body president. UW Bothell taught me that you don’t have to follow a conventional pathway to success. That helped shape me into who I am today.

The Husky experience extends beyond graduation. UW Bothell is incredibly inclusive and welcomes non-traditional students – those working full time, raising families, and of all ages, backgrounds and interests. That diversity is a powerful. I’ve worked in other cities and there is always a group of enthusiastic alumni willing to congregate. Even distance doesn’t divide Huskies. Wherever and whoever you are, there is always an opportunity to be involved.


Tanya Kumar currently works in Washington, D.C. for T-Mobile USA in the field of federal cybersecurity policy affairs. Her professional experience includes expertise in cybersecurity, technology, telecommunications, and social impact spaces. As a UW Bothell student, she was active on campus and dedicated herself to research and scholarship focusing on global human rights and policies. She was awarded the 2018 Husky 100 Award.