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Sarah Reyneveld | Board of Trustees Assistant Secretary

Class of 2008, Masters of Public Administration
Class of 2011, Juris Doctorate, UW School of Law

Sarah Reyneveld portrait

Why I Serve

As vice-president and president of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, I have great memories of being at the Husky Union Building and working late into the night on legislative agendas and policies. It was a time of engaging student life – hanging out with other students, drinking coffee and having great conversations. I felt embraced and energized by my fellow students, faculty and the administration.

UW instilled in me the idea that the sky was the limit and applying what I learned could make my dreams come true. One reason I was able to enroll in the UW graduate program was because it was affordable. As a graduate student, I worked to ensure that graduate student tuition remained predictable and affordable for all students despite rising tuition. Today, I strongly believe that UW must remain both a quality institution and accessible to all. I want others to have the opportunities as a student I enjoyed regardless of income or family background.

Whether you’re a student or alumni, there is endless value in being connected to the Husky community, its resources and connections. Every moment is an opportunity for growth and to engage. Keep an open mind because you never know where those experience lead. Being a Husky enriches your life.


Sarah Reyneveld is an Assistant Attorney General in the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. She previously served as a research assistant in the Washington State Governor’s Office and legislative assistant in the Washington State Senate. She received an undergraduate degree from Smith College. While earning a graduate degree from the UW Evans School and UW Law School, she served as president and vice-president of the UW Graduate & Professional Student Senate. In 2016, she received the inaugural Evans School Young Alumni Award for her distinguished service.