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President Cauce Visits Beijing

Alumni Reception Photos

June 30, 2017

President Cauce met with alumni and friends of the University at a reception in Beijing.

At the reception, President Cauce spent time with members of the China Huskies Alumni chapter.

The reception followed a ceremony at Tsinghua University where President Cauce received an honorary degree.

The China Huskies enjoyed an evening of building connections with each other and with President Cauce.

The China Huskies were excited to welcome University of Washington President, Ana Mari Cauce during her recent¬†trip to Beijing. She¬†traveled to China to receive an honorary degree from Tsinghua University and to celebrate both universities’ contributions to the Global Innovation Exchange during a ceremony held on June 29. The celebration continued the next day at a reception hosted by the China Huskies where President Cauce enjoyed building personal connections with international community of UW alumni and friends.