New York Huskies

New York Huskies volunteer opportunities

Looking to get more involved with UW activities in New York? You’re in luck! The UWAA NY chapter is in the process of recruiting volunteers to assume the following positions:

Husky football viewing party host

Number of volunteers needed: 1-4

Husky Hosts plan and host viewing parties during the football season. This role can be shared by a small group of committed volunteers, or one super-Husky can tackle this task on his/her own.

As a Husky Host, you will:

  • Serve as primary contact between the chapter and the UW during viewing party season.
  • Establish a venue for the season (or improve an existing venue) where alumni and fans can gather regularly, ensuring that the venue is in an accessible location and that it carries the right channel for each game, including the Pac-12 network.
  • Submit planning information to the UW, including venue details and the games for which there will be a party. Manage inventory of Husky flair provided by the UW at the beginning of the season and distribute it at each party.
  • Coordinate with the Communications Chair to utilize the regional email list and social media to promote upcoming parties on a weekly basis during viewing party season.
  • Create a fun and festive environment at each party, using supplies provided by the UW.
  • Greet and welcome Husky fans who attend the viewing party, engaging new faces through conversation and involvement.
  • Provide a method (iPad, laptop) to register Husky fans to the regional email list.

Communications chair

Number of volunteers needed: 1-2

The most successful social media outlets are those that are used regularly and encourage people to visit and connect on a weekly basis. We’re looking for a volunteer to manage the NY Alumni Facebook page, LinkedIn group and the NY Husky email listserv.

As a Communications Chair you will:

  • Serve as primary contact between the chapter and the UW regarding the NY alumni social media outlets.
  • Develop monthly or weekly email distributions to summarize and alert NY Huskies of upcoming events.
  • Post regularly on the NY Husky Facebook Page and LinkedIn Group.
  • Promote upcoming UW alumni activities and identify and share stories relevant to Huskies in NY via Facebook, LinkedIn and the email listserv.

Pac-12 liaison

Number of volunteers needed: 1

The Pac-12 network is strong on the East Coast, and we’re looking for a local Husky to represent us at quarterly meetings and identify opportunities where the UW can collaborate with our Pac-12 schools on activities.

As the Pac-12 Liaison you will:

  • Serve as the primary UW representative and liaison between the UW and other Pac-12 alumni groups in NYC.
  • Attend 3-4 Pac-12 meetings per year.
  • Share upcoming Pac-12 events (happy hours, fundraisers, networking events) with the UW network and encourage other NY Huskies to attend these events.
  • Identify opportunities for the UWAA NY chapter to engage with other Pac-12 schools.

Social representatives

Number of volunteers needed: 1-4

Do you have a knack for networking and enjoy trying the newest happy hour in town? We’d love to have you lead our social events and gathering Huskies together to enjoy all the great things NYC has to offer.

As the Social Representative you will:

  • Plan and promote 3-4 social outings per year. In the past, we have arranged quarterly happy hours, weekend brunches or other activities to bring NY Huskies together.
  • Recruit event attendees by utilizing your own Husky network, coordinating with other social representatives & reaching out to fellow alumni.

Public service coordinator

Number of volunteers needed: 1

As alumni of the UW, we have the ability to carry on the school’s spirit of service beyond campus and to our NYC community. We are seeking someone to lead our local public service and volunteer efforts.

As the Public Service Coordinator you will:

  • Plan, promote and participate in 1-2 volunteer activities per year.
  • Recruit volunteers by utilizing your own Husky network and reaching out to fellow alumni, including by coordinating with the Communications Chair.

Interested in learning more about these opportunities, or helping out in some other way? Contact UWAA NY chapter co-chairs, Shannon O’Grady, ’07, at or Danica You-Hamilton, ’04, at