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Meet the Dream Project’s 2015-2016 Americorps duo

The Dream Project is fortunate to have two talented AmeriCorps volunteers for the 2015-2016 academic year. Let’s meet them!

Nadine Mortell (pictured above, center) spent eight quarters in the Dream Project. During her time, Nadine served as a mentor and high school lead at Kent-Meridian High School and on the steering committee as the leadership development officer. She graduated June 2015 with a double major in sociology and communication. As an undergraduate, Nadine also worked for UW First Year Programs, serving as a UW Leaders mentor, participating in the Disney College Program and starting the UW Bill Murray Fan Club.

MaryMArgaret Frederick

2015–2016 Dream Project AmeriCorps volunteer MaryMargaret Frederick

MaryMargaret Frederick began mentoring at Kent-Meridian High School with the Dream Project the spring quarter of her senior year. In high school she did full time running start and graduated in 2013 with her associate’s degree. She studied communication at the University of Washington and graduated in August 2015. MaryMargaret loved and appreciated her short time mentoring in the Dream Project so much that she was elated to be an Americorps volunteer! She is also intensely in love with her three dachshunds and sipping on Diet Coke.