Student Scholarships

Meet the 2023 Homecoming Scholars

The UWAA is proud to honor six extraordinary students across the UW whose stories exemplify Husky adaptability, tenacity and resolve. Each student receives a scholarship and is recognized at the Homecoming football game on Sat. Oct. 21, 2023.

Thanks to the #DawgDashCares campaign and the support of our partners at AT&T, the scholarship amount has been doubled from $2,000 to $4,000!

Congratulations to this year’s Scholars, and many thanks to the UWAA member community. Your dues help support student scholarship programs like this one!

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Priscilla Hagan

Nursing  |  Grad Year: 2026  
As a second-year Ghanaian-American student, Priscilla’s biggest goal for her undergraduate experience is to eliminate the racial disparities and the underrepresentation of minorities in college communities. Throughout her time at the UW, she co-founded Pure Gold Step Team and was the Vice President of Communications of the African Student Association. Passionate about representing diversity and equity of minority groups in society, Priscilla plans to receive her BS in Nursing to become a registered nurse who continues to enhance the healthcare system with more inclusivity and foster an environment for better patient outcomes.

Anthony Heng

Medicine  |  Grad Year:  2027  
A Cambodian American from Lynnwood, Washington, Anthony spent much of his time as an undergraduate figuring out what exactly he wanted to do after college. After witnessing gaps in health care experienced among the elderly Khmer in his community, he wondered if — and how — he could make a difference. As the first person in his family to pursue medicine, Anthony hopes to one day give back to the community he was raised in, as well as inspire others from similar backgrounds to chase their dreams, no matter how daunting.

Madeleine Lucas

Earth and Space Sciences  |  Grad Year: 2025  
Madeleine believes we must take action in our K-12 communities to increase diversity in STEM. As a PhD student in Earth Science, Madeleine aims to inspire and empower underserved students to pursue STEM pathways. As leader of Rockin’ Out, a K-12 outreach program, she has shared her love of Earth Science with 1,500 students throughout Washington. Partnering with UW Riverways, Madeleine led a team to teach Earth Science at the Quileute Tribal School over spring break, emphasizing culturally-sustaining and place-based learning. Driven by a passion for both teaching and research, Madeleine aspires to merge these interests in her future career.

Gabriel Navarro

Business Administration —
Marketing, Entrepeneurship, Real Estate  |  Grad Year:  2024  

As a proud first-generation Mexican-American Chicano college student of color, Gabriel has always been passionate about being able to be knowledgeable enough and experienced enough, to mentor those around him whenever possible to show them that higher education and success is possible. Gabriel has interned & externed at Expedia, Bloomberg, American Express, and Amazon and a is peer coach and Presidential Scholar. Gabriel truly believes in the saying “lift as you climb” because, at every stage of his life, he has always tried to remember and focus on how he could better the lives of his peers, communities and state.

Tawni Rodríguez Ng

Biology. Minor: Aerospace  |  Grad Year:  2027  
Tawni, a determined 29-year-old Chicana, defied expectations and overcame generational trauma to achieve her dreams. From her cosmetologist roots to her contributions at NASA and Bioregenerative Life Support Systems, her journey exemplifies resilience. Yet, her aspirations extend beyond personal success. She envisions humanity expanding its role in the universe, a catalyst for positive change. This aspiration shines through her involvement with UW Trans Collective (UWTC), an organization dedicated to promoting trans joy and resilience within the gender queer community. Tawni and UWTC provided cosmetology workshops, empowering liberation from cis-normative ideals. Their collaboration embodies inclusivity in our ever-expanding world.

Yonas Shiferaw

Sociology and Education, Communities and Organizations.
Minor: Law, Societies and Justice  |  Grad Year:  2025  

Yonas Shiferaw, an African-American born and raised in Eritrea, is a junior who is passionate about raising awareness for social issues. His dedication prompted him to establish his own non-profit organization, where he actively works towards making a positive impact in his community. Yonas’s love for helping people led him to become an academic success coach, where he provides guidance and support to students. With his drive and compassion, Yonas continues to inspire others and make a difference in the lives of those around him.