Student Scholarships

Meet the 2022 Homecoming Scholars

The UWAA is proud to honor six extraordinary students across all three UW campuses whose stories exemplify Husky adaptability, tenacity and resolve. Each student receives a $2,000 scholarship and is recognized at the Homecoming game on Oct. 15, 2022.

Update: This year, thanks to the #DawgDashCares campaign and the support of our partners at AT&T, the scholarship amount was doubled from $2,000 to $4,000!

Congratulations to this year’s Scholars, and many thanks to the UWAA member community. Your dues help support student scholarship programs like this one!

Rahoul Banerjee Ghosh

Grad Year:  2024  |  Campus: Seattle

Rahoul grew up in Kolkata, India surrounded by teachers and academics, inspiring him to become one himself. His path to that currently involves researching nanoparticles and materials for better solar technology, tutoring students at Seattle Public Schools and helping international students find their place at the UW, just like he did. He plans to keep learning and teaching for as long as possible, while developing solutions to climate change challenges, through both sustainable technology and equitable global policy. He also plans to spend his free time lore-building for that story he means to start writing.

Aaron Davis

MPH Epidemiology
Grad Year:  2023  |  Campus: Seattle

Aaron is a queer, chronically ill, first-gen public health major and community health advocate and activist. Compassion, justice and love have been their guiding mantra throughout their UW journey. Aaron leverages their diverse lived experience to inform their work and approach to collaborating with communities and fighting for health autonomy. Through their harm reduction work at the UW HaRRT Center, Aaron creates weekly community-led health communications and holds space for healing art groups and talking circles. They plan to pursue a Ph.D. and will focus on improving health policies and services for families and pregnant persons who have interactions with carceral systems.

Christian Gombio

Biomedical Sciences
Grad Year: 2023  |  Campus: Tacoma 

A first-generation Filipino American from Guam, Christian models his undergraduate experience with representation and paying kindness forward. Having co-instructed underrepresented youth to preserve their callings into STEM fields, he hopes to instill confidence into and inspire those pursuing their dreams. Currently an RA, Christian strives to encourage fellow residents to maximize their Husky experiences and ensure a healthy and inclusive living environment. He collaborates with mentors and faculty to expand his campus involvement. Christian hopes to take a BS in Biomedical Sciences to Veterinary School and serve the communities that helped him rediscover his capability and worthiness of success.

Nicole Grabiel

History and Global & Regional Studies, with Mathematics minor
Grad Year: 2024  |  Campus: Seattle

Having found joy in her own winding path through college, Nicole strives to empower others in, and through, higher education. During her time at UW, she has worked with CAS Advancement, her Panhellenic sorority, and the POL S/JSIS/LSJ/GWSS Writing Center to connect students to the support and resources that they need to thrive. In her own life as a student, Nicole is fascinated with the intersection of historical knowledge and cross-cultural interactions, an interest which she pursues in research with the Center for Human Rights and hopes to follow through grad school and into an academic career.

Sophie Li

Public Health—Global Health, with Informatics minor
Grad Year: 2024  |  Campus: Seattle

A third-year undergraduate from Renton, WA, Sophie strives to utilize data-driven approaches to inform public health decisions. Sophie is currently a Research Assistant in the Department of Oral Health Sciences and a Student Communications Assistant in the Department of Global Health. She interned at the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, contributing to efforts to improve health outcomes for Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities. Passionate about population health research and interdisciplinary collaboration, Sophie hopes to advance cultural and linguistic competency in healthcare and ultimately work towards establishing a more accessible healthcare system.

Ana Radzi

Masters of Education—Critical Educational Change and Leadership
Grad Year:  2023  |  Campus: Bothell 

Ana’s lived experiences have prompted her to have powerful impact in her future teaching and advocacy. She speaks up for those who have been marginalized through various contexts such as meetings with board members and the superintendent of Seattle Schools, Neighborhood House and Voices of Tomorrow. She has also benefited the UW community by being part of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Students and the Professional Educational Advisory Board at UWB. Ana’s aspiration is to not only promote students to reach their highest learning potential, but to establish an optimistic generation to change our society.