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Mark Ostersmith | Vice President

Class of 1990, Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Why I Serve

UW is part of my family heritage. My father was not only a first-generation college graduate, but also earned a UW Medical School diploma. I grew up as a firsthand witness to the benefits and pride of having a UW education. From an early age, I set my sights on becoming a Husky. The first time I walked onto campus, it became the ultimate vision of what I imagined college to be.

UW is a beacon of scholarship. I still remember attending my first class on my first day. It was Oceanography 101, a lecture course with hundreds of other wide-eyed freshman. It felt so natural and as though I was stepping through the very door of knowledge itself. I majored in business administration, but every class I took added to me as a person. As a senior, I took a Scandinavian history class that resulted in learning about my family’s Swedish background. UW expands the individual to view things through a wider, global lens.

To be a trustee is to be an ambassador. I’m currently the president of Spokane’s UWAA chapter, and it’s a privilege to represent the UW  at everything from sponsored events to simply bonding over purple-and-gold at the grocery store. Being part of UWAA is about more than a discount at the bookstore. I inherited the experiences of the alumni before me and combine it with my own to support and inspire the next generation of Huskies.


Mark Ostersmith worked most recently as the President of a Spokane-based Broker/Dealer and is currently self-employed as a Private Investor. He has been the Spokane Region Chapter Lead for UWAA since 2015.  Additionally, he is on the Board of Northwest X Talks, a Spokane nonprofit that annually presents TEDxSpokane. Mark currently serves on the Investment Committee for Spokane’s Saint George’s School and previously served as the President of their board. He enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with their two adult sons.