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Leadership spotlight: Heber Garcia

I first heard about Dream Project as a senior at Mount Rainier High School (Heber is pictured above, second from the left). I was getting ready to apply to my dream school, the University of Washington. Only thing was, I had no idea how to start. No one in my family had graduated from high school, let alone gone to college. It wasn’t until I came in contact with Dream Project, that I was able to feel more comfortable with the college application process.

Because my high school was not a partner school, I had to attend the various college application events scattered in the South King County area. From these events I was able to learn more about what it takes to complete a college application, and I was also able to learn more about Admissions Workshop Weekend, an event held at UW for high school seniors. I attended the event, was able to complete my UW application and submitted it during the last day of the event. I told myself that if I had gotten accepted, I would join Dream Project and give back to students who were in situations like mine.

Since then, I have been a part of Dream Project for seven quarters. I have been a Mentor, High School Lead, Admissions Workshop Weekend committee member and a College and Career Readiness Assistant. Dream Project has allowed me to grow in my leadership skills and has helped prepare me as future educator.

Heber (right) and co-High School Lead Daniella congratulate Live the Dream Scholarship recipient from Rainier Beach