Kyle Stanton Smith, ’97 | Geographic Trustee

Class of 1997, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Why I Serve

I grew up in Vancouver, Washington, where you’re disconnected from Washington due to the pull from Portland media. I initially viewed the UW as just an in-state option, but was completely amazed during my campus tour. The UW has high educational standards and it felt like a prestigious, Ivy League institution. I completely fell in love with the brick buildings, cherry blossoms, and knew it was where I wanted to be.

As I started meeting students in McMahon Hall as a freshman, it seemed that everyone graduated at the top of their class. It was a difficult place to stand out. Ultimately, I channeled my athletics background into becoming a contributing sports writer to The Daily, UW’s campus newspaper. I was able to interact with other writers with various interests and world views. It reinforced how the university is a place for everyone and every interest. Students have a high-quality education and world-class opportunities at their fingertips.

For me, inspiring and impactful classes led to shifting my path toward political science and then law school. I now live in Alaska where I have used my educational background to advance the reach of renewable energy development and advocate for underserved and vulnerable populations. My UW education laid the groundwork to give back personally and professionally.

With time and experience, I have come to appreciate the UW experience even more. The alumni community is a global network where I served as Alaska’s regional UWAA coordinator and, as a Trustee, hope to further expand my footprint of service. I look forward to elevating the UW’s presence in more regions – including Alaska – and better integrating Husky culture into communities near and far.

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