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It’s being there: Marcie, ’69, ’76, & Dave, ’68, Stone

UWAA life members Marcie, '69, '76, and Dave, '69

UWAA life members Marcie, ’69, ’76, and Dave, ’69, Stone

After she earned her BA in English literature from the UW in 1969, Seattle native Marcie Stone,’69, ’76, and her husband Dave, ’68, moved away from Seattle for careers that ultimately landed them in Washington, D.C. When they returned for retirement nearly 40 years later, they were eager to reconnect with their UW roots.

“Since our return, we’ve formed strong ties all over campus,” Stone said. These ties include work with the Dream Project, UW World Series, UW Libraries, the iSchool, and participation on several UW boards and committees, including UWAA’s Board of Trustees and its Legislative Advocacy Committee.

“We don’t have children of our own, and we keep telling people we’ve adopted all 40,000 UW students,” Stone said. “We try to be useful wherever we can, and are having great fun reconnecting with campus. We also like to stay aware of what’s going on in the world of higher education in Washington, and particularly at the UW, which is where our legislative advocacy comes in.”

Marcie also has a degree in library science from the UW, and her training as a librarian has had a big impact on her participation in diverse organizations within the UW. “Many librarians are helper-sharers by nature. I like connecting different elements of the UW with the idea of fostering multi-dimensional relationships among them. I think that it’s important, and it’s a great way for me to learn more about campus activities.”

“Dave and I have found that supporting higher education doesn’t always mean a financial gift—contributing time and energy can really make an impact, too! The best part of rediscovering the UW is meeting interesting, capable, intelligent, fun people and being with a group that makes a difference.”