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Helping students apply for college at Admissions Workshop Weekend

The 2015 Admissions Workshop Weekend (AWW), Dream Project’s largest work session event of the year, was a huge success—for both mentees and mentors!

AWW is held every year on the UW campus during the Autumn quarter preceding college application deadlines. High school seniors are offered transportation from their high schools to campus. Then, after a brief introduction, they work on their college applications. Mentors and writing tutors are available to provide hands-on support during all parts of the application process.

Dream Project mentors and mentees after a successful day one

Dream Project mentors and mentees after a successful day one

During the 2015 AWW, held on November 14 and 15, more than 700 mentees worked on personal statements, applications and scholarships with the support of Dream Project mentors and writing tutors. The resource fair, with over 12 organizations like ROTC and Western Washington University tabling each day, gave the mentees the chance to learn about different opportunities to explore after high school.

By the end of the event, the majority of students had finished their personal statement and submitted at least one application for college!

Admissions Workshop Weekend participants

Thank you to everybody who made Admissions Workshop Weekend a success!

This event was a huge success thanks to the hard work of the AWW Planning Committee, consisting of 18 mentors, only three of whom had attended AWW before. For 15 of these mentors, this was their first leadership position in the program. Many of these mentors have expanded their role in Dream Project since the end of the event, seeking to become High School Leads and part of the Recruitment Team.

This event provided great leadership opportunities for each member of the committee, including Haley Strandberg, the Event Lead for AWW. Haley has now fully transitioned into the Event Coordinator position for the program and will lead future Dream Project events for the coming year.