International Huskies

Globe Gathers in Seattle

UW Converge Seattle 2022 marked the first in-person UW Converge gathering since 2019 and the first-ever UW Converge event on the University of Washington campus. Our signature gathering for international alumni and friends brought together Husky leadership from around the globe with campus leaders for three days of events in October.

UW Converge Keynote

Jeffrey Riedinger introduced Ali Mokdad and UW President Ana Mari Cauce.

UW Converge Keynote

President Cauce and Dr. Mokdad talked about the UW's positive global impact.

UW Campus Tour

UW Converge attendees saw Red Square during W Day excitement.

UW Campus Tour

UW Converge Attendees went behind the scenes on renovations to the Tateuchi East Asia Library.

International Board Meeting

Chapter leaders from across the world gathered together.

UW Converge Sessions

The "Innovation for Impact" panel discussed how global partnerships are driving innovation at the UW.

At the center of this year’s UW Converge gathering was a keynote featuring UW President Ana Mari Cauce, Ali Mokdad, chief strategy officer for the UW Population Health Initiative and Jeffrey Riedinger, the UW’s vice provost for the Office of Global Affairs. Their discussion focused on the University’s immense positive impact on Seattle, the state of Washington and the world.

Explore topics from the keynote by expanding the sections below. 

Creating Impact Ecosystems

The Population Health Initiative and the UW’s COVID-19 Response

How Being a Global University Creates Impact

Working Across Borders Through Knowledge Diplomacy


The message from the UW Converge Seattle keynote was clear: The UW continues to strive for positive impact in everything it does. Creating impact ecosystems like the Population Health Initiative, helping students gain global perspective or building international networks of knowledge that connect people in times of polarization are just a few examples of our work in action.

More UW Converge Ahead

Looking ahead, the UW will continue spreading its positive global impact as UW Converge returns to Asia for UW Converge Jakarta 2023. We hope you will join us in Indonesia this coming August as hundreds of Huskies from around the world gather to celebrate community, expand their networks and gain deeper insights from global experts.