Extra Curricular in Particular

40 years. 50,000 students. A lifetime of insights

Legendary UW professor Stanley Chernicoff offers a roadmap to navigating the hidden maze of the University. Along the way, Chernicoff gathers top thinkers and leaders from the UW to help you find tips on making the most of your time in college, becoming unforgettable and setting yourself up for success after graduation.

Whether you’re heading into college yourself, have a college student in your life who could use some guidance or want a window into today’s University, there’s something for you.

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Highlights include:

The dynamics of dealing with professors
Why you shouldn’t go home every weekend
The art of picking classes (and finding work-arounds when you can’t get what you want)
“Positive mischief” and making a lasting impact on campus
Money — How to snag scholarships, fellowships and endowments to graduate clear of debt
Nailing the dismount and giving back to the incoming classes

“Extra Curricular In Particular” features a diverse array of voices, from campus luminaries to UW alumni making waves in the professional world and beyond. Check out the list!

Guest speakers