Danielle DuCré | At-large Trustee

Class of 2008, Bachelor of Arts, American Ethnic Studies, African American History

Why I Serve

The UW said yes to me twice. I am a native Washingtonian, born and raised in Yakima. My high school college counselor advised me to attend a small school as that would be the ethos I was most familiar with. So, I declined attendance to the UW and instead enrolled at a university up north. After giving it a solid two years, I knew it wasn’t the place for me and reapplied to the UW. Advocating for myself in that regard was one of the best decisions of my college career, and thankfully the UW held space for that vision.

As a first generation 4-year college student, there was a lot that I had to navigate. Fortunately, my personal drive and coming from a strong, faith-filled family, I had the confidence to tackle whatever came my way. That is how I discovered the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center.

It was through the ECC that I took part in tutoring services provided by upperclassmen that not only looked like me, but authentically wanted me to win. This made a huge impact on me, as did the support I received from the Office of Minority Affairs, hence why my philanthropic support is directed there. I could not be more grateful for individuals such as Raul Anaya (ret.) who helped me cross the finish line.

Each time my life has taken me to a different place in the country or around the world, I have made incredible connections utilizing the alumni network. While living in Washington, DC, I joined the DC Dawgs [a social network for alums] and even made a lifelong friend with an international alum when I lived abroad in Spain. Community is everything to me, so being active in the network has been a great way to stay anchored throughout my many adventures.

My UW experience and the UWAA thereafter has been a gift. I look forward to being a resource and contributing my insight to help others––students and alumni––make the same kind of positive connections that this curious girl from a small town did, wherever they are.


Danielle DuCré has spent her career in independent education, advancing school missions through strategic partnerships and philanthropy. Currently, she is the Major Gifts Officer at Mid-Pacific Institute in Honolulu, Hawaii, a premier educational institute, preparing young people for success in college — and life — for more than a century. In her role, DuCré develops and maintains programs to secure major gifts, including endowment, capital and planned gifts.