Cristian Wulf, ’88 | At-large Trustee

Class of 1988, Master of Business Administration, Finance and International Accounting

Why I Serve

I have a unique background. I was born and raised in Argentina to German parents and attended a Spanish/German high school. I was always interested in business partially because my father owned a small gas and service station. With hard work, he grew it into the second largest station in the country. I worked in the family business pumping gas, cleaning windshields, checking engine oil and assisting my mom with the accounting side.

I became a first-generation college graduate after earning my accounting degree in Argentina. I wanted to further expand my knowledge and applied to a handful of U.S. universities to pursue an MBA. A friend encouraged me to apply to the UW. It was before the Internet or Wikipedia, so I visited the library and read the encyclopedia for anything I could learn about Washington. It struck me as somewhere I could envision studying.

My global accounting focus allowed me to connect with fellow international students and classes. The UW’s diverse profile is one of its strengths. There is diversity of thought, problem solving, cultures, countries and experiences. It isn’t just diversity on paper. It fully expands one’s thinking.

Recruiting and hiring have been constants in my career. Colleagues joke that I always search for the “purple squirrel” – someone who embodies more than the standard, punch-the-ticket approach. Of course, the purple squirrel was inspired by my being a Husky; I know exceptional individuals exist. As a Trustee, I want to share my knowledge and continue the mission of the UW remaining cutting edge and forward thinking. The world needs more purple squirrels!

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