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Season 3

“You Can’t Make a Living With That” — Negotiating Family Expectations While Following Your Passion

with Stacy Nguyen and Nidhi Kumar

Sometimes, the field we are passionate about can seem too risky to pursue, especially when we have people in our lives cautioning us to be pragmatic and cautious. But what about happiness and personal fulfillment? Aren’t these also measures of success? Artist, designer and small-business owner Stacy Nguyen discusses what it was like for her to make a bunch of ‘bad’ career decisions.


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About Speaker Stacy Nguyen, ’07

About Host Nidhi Kumar, ’21

Honoring Your Heritage While Pursuing Entrepreneurship

with Salomé Valencia-Bohné and Karla Ciccia

Traditional corporate culture can foster spaces where BIPOC professionals don’t feel as if they can authentically be themselves. Social justice advocate and business owner Salomé Valencia-Bohné, MA, MSW, LSWAIC (she/her/ella) partners with you to explore how social entrepreneurship is a career move that can support you in honoring your cultural heritage and values while also increasing your wallet size.


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About Speaker Salomé Valencia-Bohné, ’19

About Host Karla Ciccia, ’15

Resilience and Well-Being: An Overview of Skills and Practices for Building Resilience in the Workplace

with Megan Kennedy and Gina Topp

UW Resilience Lab director Megan Kennedy talks us through skills and practices for promoting resilience and well-being from the individual to the organizational level.


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About Speaker Megan Kennedy

About Host Gina Topp, ’17, ’21, ’23


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Season 2 Episodes

Transitioning into Leadership

with Catherine Bachy

Transitioning into your first leadership role can be an exciting, nerve-racking experience. Leadership coach Catherine Bachy walks you through some of the most common questions and concerns about this important step and shares some qualities and skills you can develop to be a better leader.


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About Catherine Bachy

About Host Michaela Gormley, ’09

Navigating Career Transitions

with Helen Chung

Our work informs our sense of self. Changing careers — or even jobs within a career — can affect how we see ourselves. When we go through a career transition, we are likely asking ourselves questions about who we are, who we are becoming and who we want to become. Leadership coach and educator Helen Chung walks us through the intense, sometimes unexpected emotions that can come with a job or career change.


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About Helen Chung

About Host Michaela Gormley, ’09

Managing Your Work/Life Environment

with Rosemary Simmons

Feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with your work may be a symptom of an imbalance between your work and your self. Psychologist Rosemary E. Simmons shares helpful tips of taking care of your priorities, being true to your values and juggling competing demands.


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About Rosemary Simmons

About Host Michaela Gormley, ’09

Season 1 Episodes

Don’t Build Your Network, Build Your Relationships

with Aleenah Ansari

Developing your authentic personal brand is key to building relationships. Aleenah Ansari highlights how to use storytelling to create your brand and help you communicate your story and value to successfully navigate your job search now or in the future. Whether you are on a specific career track or breaking into a new industry, this conversation will help you hone your storytelling skills.


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About Aleenah Ansari

About Host Michaela Gormley, ’09

Emotional Divestment in the Workplace

with Yejin Lee

Are you too emotionally invested in your job? Equity and justice coach/consultant Yejin Lee explains the importance of finding the right questions to ask yourself as you think about your relationship with work, especially for people of color navigating inequity in the workplace. These strategies can help you find your focus, reduce harm and center your path to personal and professional success.


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Social Change Ecosystem Map — This framework is referenced several times in Yejin Lee’s talk.

About Yejin Lee

About Host Michaela Gormley, ’09


Combatting Ageism in the Job Market

with Elizabeth Atcheson

In this discussion, Seattle career coach Elizabeth Atcheson reveals what ageism looks like in the hiring process and how to combat the stereotypes of an “older” worker. Whether you are 40 or 60, you will find helpful advice on how to harness your existing power as an experienced worker, use your network to get into interview pools and land that role that you want.


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About Elizabeth Atcheson

About Host Michaela Gormley, ’09

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