Caelen Ball, ’18 | At-large Trustee

Class of 2018, Master of Civil Engineering/Construction Engineering

Why I Serve

The UW was an integral part of my childhood. I grew up surrounded by Husky toys and family traditions. My grandmother attended the UW as a nursing student in the late 1930s but didn’t finish due to having to decide between school and unexpected medical expenses from an accident near campus. That didn’t stop my family from feeling tied to UW when, many decades later, my mother graduated from the Foster School of Business with an Executive Masters in Business Administration. She worked full-time, attended classes during nights and weekends and I would sometimes ride along to pick her up after class. Higher education is greatly valued in my family. The UW ethos imprinted on me at an early age.

I completed my undergraduate studies out of state, but always remained loyal to purple and gold. When I returned to Washington and was successfully establishing my career, I felt like a piece was missing. I realized how much I desired a UW degree. I completed two continuing education certificates and ultimately earned my master’s degree. There was a profound sense of satisfaction in graduating from an institution I care about so deeply.

I am a passionate about lifelong learning. My journey illustrates that there are different paths and timelines to a university experience. I appreciate that the UWAA contributes to the mission of making education accessible and attainable.

The future is always marked by change. The UW will continue evolving with many new things on the horizon. I’m excited to be a Trustee and ambassador for the next chapter. We all have something to contribute whether it’s time, treasure or talent. Whether you’re pursuing your own education or assisting others, it’s never too late to get involved!

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