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Boundless blossoms

This year, we collected your photos of and haiku about the Quad cherry trees, which bloomed in late March. Here are some of our favorites. Please continue to share your blossom-themed creativity on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

As we walk to class,
Blossoms surround us in pink,
Falling down like snow.

— Colby Bakke Kristoffer


As central a feature of the University of Washington campus as Rainier Vista or Suzzallo Library, the Quad’s cherry blossoms attract alumni, students and tourists each spring. Clutching smartphones and cameras, crowds turn out to pose with the posies—canopies of petals serve as the omnipresent backdrop.

Weather permitting, students sprawl at the feet of trees, lean against trunks or even lounge in branches. Some sit, books in laps, studiously turning pages, seemingly oblivious to the hubbub around them. Others play games or musical instruments in clusters that mirror the bundles of flowers above their heads.

Many years ago
Blush flowered trees were planted–
Still enjoyed today.

— Suzanne Thompson, ’87

Like an agora or a plaza, the Quad functions as a place to interact and to be seen (in the moment or moments later on social media). It wasn’t until 1962, however, that UW President Charles Odegaard (‘58–’73) facilitated moving the Yoshino cherry trees (Prunus yedoensis) from their previous home at the arboretum to the Quad, transforming campus into a springtime destination for the entire community.

When the buds reawaken they seem to coax us to life. Like a gentle nudge from our collective winter, the end of the blossoms’ dormancy beckons and inspires us.

Happy spring!

Blushing droplets fall.
Umbrella? No need today.
Welcome back, dear Spring.

— Skylee Jane