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Bettina Carey | Secretary

Class of 1984, Bachelors of Science, Nursing

Portrait: Bettina Carey

Why I Serve

I was an honor-roll student in high school. However, in the 1970s, females weren’t offered as much university preparation nor encouragement as today. Instead of college, I entered the workforce and was a nursing assistant for years before professional requirements and personal passion led me to pursue a bachelors degree. UW not only offered a renowned nursing program, but also the support to succeed. The then-named Diversity Department helped me navigate the application process, curriculum, and facilitated my transition.

Being a Husky bolstered my confidence and made me a lifelong learner. Like many people, unforeseen circumstances required a midlife career change. I successfully pivoted from nursing to public relations and marketing. That was partially possible because my UW education was so well-rounded. A particular degree is not about pursuing a single path, but the ability to apply it in different ways.

UW fosters a sense of joy in learning that isn’t exclusive to the classroom. As a student, I volunteered with the UW Yacht Club. I’d never even been in a row boat yet they taught me to sail and I qualified for the North America Cup. As alumni, it’s always the right time to come back – come back and rediscover purple pride.


Born to Puerto Rican parents, Bettina Carey is a savvy business owner and leader within the Seattle community. For over 15 years, she pursued a successful and rewarding nursing career working in specialties ranging from pediatrics to cardiology, obstetrics and more. In the 1990s, she pivoted to the profession of marketing and communications and has been a successful entrepreneur for the past 27 years. In 2001, she founded Bettina Carey Productions.

She has held the roles of CMO, Project Manager, Senior Corporate Brand Strategist, VP of Sales, VP Business Development, Art Director, Publicist, as well as volunteering on numerous boards.