At Length with Steve Scher

At Length with Michael Pollan

Prior to his Weight & Wellness series lecture, Our National Eating Disorder, professor, activist and acclaimed journalist and author Michael Pollan sat down for a conversation with At Length host Steve Scher, ’87.

Recorded on Tuesday, April 8, 2015.
Weight & Wellness Poster

Poster from the Weight & Wellness lecture series. Click to enlarge.

Michael Pollan has helped move food issues toward the center of American politics. His books and articles have focused on how the foods we eat shape our health, environment and culture. He recently co-authored an article, with Mark Bittman and others, calling for a national food policy that could bring about fairer wages, healthier citizens and a more sustainable environmental future.

In this conversation with Steve Scher, Pollan discusses the oft-ignored connection between agriculture and climate change, why the family meal is more important than ever and getting a disagreeable cast of characters to sit down at the same table and think about the creation of a coherent national food policy.