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Agartha (Aggie) Clark | Past President

Class of 1986, Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Portrait: Aggie Clark

Why I Serve

I grew up in Tacoma when it still had more of a small-town feel. The UW was a big, new world for me. It was a bit overwhelming, but also exciting. The first time I stepped onto campus was for UW orientation. I drove my parent’s car and lost it in the parking garage. It took me an hour to find it! Even experiences like that help you grow into adulthood.
I didn’t know if I could afford college. The night before my high school graduation, I received word that I’d been awarded a scholarship for freshman year. I worked on-campus all four years to help put myself through school – UW Food Services, Visitors Information Center and Trademarks & Licensing office. Students learn a lot inside the classroom, but UW offers just as much outside the classroom. It’s where I learned to be a professional.

I walk across campus and even now can feel how exciting it was being a student. At the UW, you meet people from all over the world and that brings value for a lifetime. It’s now our responsibility as alumni to pay it forward and ensure resources are available for the next generation. I see the kids of today and know the world is in good hands.


Aggie Clark worked in financial services until retiring in 2017. She earned a UW Executive Management Certificate in 1999 and attended the UW Women Board Directors Development Program in 2015. Additionally, she is a longtime advisory board member for the UW Consulting and Business Development Center. She previously served as an officer and board member for the Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA) and California Financial Service Providers Association (CFSP). She was honored to receive FiSCA’s 2007 Financial Service Provider of the Year award. During retirement, she looks forward to continuing with business consulting, writing and traveling.