International Huskies

A decade of global generosity

This year has brought us more than our share of challenges, but 2020 also marks the end of a decade full of achievements that Huskies around the world can celebrate. Among those laudable accomplishments are the many ways the global UW community has contributed to the University, their local chapters and pressing issues around the world.

Since 2010, UW alumni and friends outside the United States have given generously of their time, resources and expertise. We have nearly one hundred dedicated volunteers across our seven established international alumni communities. Many more volunteers have supported our UW Converge event series by hosting events in their home countries, sharing their knowledge as speakers and securing outstanding sponsors. Still more Huskies have encouraged new students at send-offs, welcomed traveling faculty from the UW and run events in their own communities.

The last decade also coincides with the Be Boundless campaign, the most ambitious fundraising campaign in the UW’s history. International Huskies played an important role in its success, pledging or contributing nearly $60 million to support the University during the last ten years. These are truly impressive numbers, but even more impressive is the impact these gifts created here in Washington and around the world.

A map showing hotspots around the world for donations to the UW

Honored at this year’s UW Recognition Gala as a Presidential Laureate, Japan’s Nippon Foundation made a transformational commitment to supporting ocean health through the founding of the Ocean Nexus Center at the UW. The Foundation’s gift of $32.5 million over the next 10 years enables researchers to bridge the gap between policy makers and communities most dependent on the oceans for survival.

Connecting the UW to the world continues to be a major priority for our donors as they seek to create outstanding opportunities for international students on campus, and for domestic students who want to explore the globe. Whether it is by personally supporting study abroad scholarships as Singapore Huskies Elaine Cheo, 80’, 82’, and Cheo Chai Hong did with a $10,000 gift to the Foster School’s Global Business Center Study Abroad Program or banding together as the Hong Kong Huskies did and raising more than $1 million for CIRCLE, they are helping the next generation of Huskies thrive in a connected world.

Others choose to focus their philanthropy here on campus supporting students financial needs. One example is Taiwan Huskies Arthur Chiao, ’80, and Yung Chin, ’81, who established an endowed scholarship in the College of Engineering providing direct financial support to undergrads.

Health care workers receive a donation from the Indonesia HuskiesHealth is certainly a topic on the minds of many this year. The direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic from our international Huskies was overwhelming. They volunteered their time, tracked down protective equipment and made financial gifts large and small. International Huskies’ commitment to addressing global health goes back long before 2020. Their support of our Population Health Initiative – through gifts like China Husky Ken Tang’s $50,000 contribution to the Global Burden of Disease Study – is helping people live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

These are just a small sampling of our global community’s many generous gifts of both time and resources during the last decade. Their support of the University continues to create profound impacts for students, faculty and the world. If you are among this outstanding group of individuals, please accept our most heartfelt and sincere thanks. If you find yourself inspired to join their ranks or renew your commitment to the UW, please consider making a gift today.