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Color Palette

Each quarter will be distinguished by its own thematic color to reflect its unique focus. The Learn Disability History quarter will be represented by black, white and sepia, symbolizing the exploration and understanding of the past. Celebrate Disability Pride & Culture will embrace all the shades of yellow, celebrating diversity and creativity. Engage in Disability Advocacy & Innovation will be embodied by the bold blue shades, representing progress and forward-thinking initiatives in disability rights and advancements.

Suggested Themed Colors

When creating your own content related to the 504 at 50 Campaign, use the color themes as a guide to branding. Using the color palette will help unify the campaign across all the different departments, platforms, socials, and deliverables, and distinguish each quarter’s own theme.

Use an eyedropper tool to use the suggested shades for your own use.

Photo of the color scheme for the 504at50 page. The top of the page reads "Q1: Learn Disability History" in black lettering and includes the colors black, white, vintage, brown, and sepia. Below, reads "Q2: Celebrate Disability Pride & Culture" with all shades of yellow. Finally, the bottom reads "Q3: Engage in Disability Advocacy & Innovation" with all shades of blue.

Suggested Primary Colors

Use an eyedropper or the Hex code to get the exact shade.

A photo of the suggested theme colors and hex codes for the 504at50 campaign. At the top there is a black rectangle (HEX:000000) and a white rectangle (HEX: ffffff). The middle row has gold square (HEX:b7a57a), metallic gold square (HEX: 85754d), and purple square (HEX: 4b2e83). The last row has blue rectangle (HEX: 004aaD) and yellow rectangle (HEX: ffde59).