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How to Add Events for 504at50

Join us in commemorating UW’s 504at50 and reaffirm our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion! Your involvement in adding events will help us celebrate how far we’ve come while motivating us to keep pushing for positive change in the years ahead. Together, we can make the 50th anniversary of Section 504 a memorable and impactful milestone for our campus community.

 Have a Trumba Account?

UW Trumba is a calendaring system for all campus public events and departmental calendars (including academic, schools, colleges, and other groups). Calendar administrators can embed calendars into any websites and add event registration. Most significantly, an event created in one calendar, such as the ADA & Accessibility Calendar for UW’s 504at50 campaign, can appear in multiple calendars.

In order to be add a unit or department directly to the ADA & Accessibility calendar, editors must publish an event on their departmental calendar and select “also shows on” the Office of the ADA Coordinator calendar in the event creation page

  1. Email your existing department’s editor group name to be added to the ADA & Accessibility calendar show on group. 
  2. Go to 
  3. On your departmental calendar, click Add Event and then enter your event details. 
  4. Select Office of the ADA Coordinator from the drop-down menu in the “Also shows on” field after the “Owning calendar” field in the top section of the event creation page. 
  5. Save event.

 Do not have a Trumba Account?

If you or your organization do not have access to UW Trumba, you can still include your events and engagements on the ADA & Accessibility Calendar! Be sure to email the Office of the ADA Coordinator at, with the following details:

  • Event title
  • Event start/end day and time
  • Campus room (if applicable)
  • Event description
  • Web link (if applicable)
  • Any other relevant details.