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All staff, faculty and students at the UW have access to accessibility resources to support their learning and educational experiences.

Access Technology Center

The ATC offers a variety of services, including hardware and software demonstrations, accessibility and individual needs assessments, training and consultation.

Ally in Canvas

Ally integrates seamlessly with the UW’s Canvas learning management system to automatically check course content and files uploaded by for accessibility issues. Learn how to download alternative document formats.

Disability resources for students academic skills

Help your brain out and make learning more effective and efficient.  Use this site to hone the strategies and habits that help you succeed in an academic setting. Check out DRS’s academic skills resource.

Sensus access

This document conversion service is provided in order to help students, faculty, and staff at the University of Washington to produce alternative versions of documents quickly and easily.

UW Libraries accessibility

Learn about services and tools to use while visiting the UW Libraries, including; accessibility kits, adjustable height desks, accessible workspaces in the libraries, and accessing the collection.