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Transportation & parking

All campuses have access to accessible parking including UW Medicine locations. UW Seattle has an additional shuttle service, Dial a Ride, to navigate campus locations.

UW Medicine

UW Medicine provides information on driving directions and parking — visit the website and select a location.

Disability Placards

Vehicles parked in disability parking spaces on a UW campus must display a state or UW-issued disability placard or plate at all times. Visitors and patients must have a state-issued placard or plate. Faculty, staff and students can apply for a UW-issued placard through the appropriate disability office.


Dial-A-Ride is a free shuttle service that operates between 125 designated stop locations on the Seattle campus for faculty, staff and students with either permanent or temporary mobility limitations.

Wayfinding & Maps

Accessible routes and wayfinding on each campus are located on campus access guides.