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Report a barrier

Physical barrier to access

If you or someone you know encounters a physical barrier that is preventing equal access to a University building or area, please report it to us. Physical barriers are conditions in any structural environment that prevent or impede an individual with a disability from efficiently navigating the setting.


Barriers to access can include:

  • non-functioning door openers
  • non-functioning elevators
  • damaged curb cuts
  • issues with accessible restrooms
  • weather related issues such as snow blocked paths

To report physical barriers on any UW Campus (Seattle, Bothell or Tacoma), complete the form using the link above or contact Customer Care. Once reported, the UW Facilities Customer Care Team will contact appropriate University resources from the specific campus to inform them of the report. This will initiate the process and our trained professionals will address your individual needs based on each set of circumstances.

IT barrier to access

If you experience a barrier that affects your ability to access UW websites, videos, on-line forms, or other IT, please contact us using either of the following methods:


Send a detailed message to – and it will be routed to a relevant team who can best address your needs. Status be tracked through the online ticketing system.


UW-IT Access Technology Services provides support in the accessibility of websites, software, digital documents, videos, online courses, and other technologies. Services include:

  • Evaluating technologies for accessibility.
  • Providing consultation to help individuals and groups improve their technology accessibility.
  • Testing software, web applications, and other technology products and services as being considered for procurement.