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Senate Budget Clears Committee — Global Health Gets Boost

Last night the Senate Ways and Means Committee passed both their operating and capital budgets in preparation for floor action on Saturday March 31.  Of the more than 70 amendments considered by the committee, one change sponsored by Senator Craig Pridemore (D-Vancouver) increased the appropriation for the UW Department of Global Health from $2.5 million to

Senate Releases Operating and Capital Budgets – Mixed Bag For The UW

OVERVIEW Eight days after House Democrats unveiled their 2007-09 spending proposal, Senate Democrats today released the details of their operating and capital budgets to the public.  While the Senate operating budget does allow the University to make real progress on addressing its per student funding goals, the overall amount of funding provided is less than

HB 1882 Passes House Appropriations Committee

The House version of the Governor’s Washington Learns bill finally passed the House Approprations Committee today on a unanimous voice vote.  The version which moved is identical to the bill that passed out of the House Higher Education Committee several weeks ago minus three provisions related to new financial aid programs which have already passed

WA Learns Higher Ed Bills: The Saga Continues

At the beginning of the 2007 legislative session, the Governor’s office introduced her Washington Learns bill for higher education in both the Senate and the House.  SB 5806 and HB 1882 were intended to be the vehicles for establishing both a state tuition policy for resident undergraduates and a policy of benchmarking per student funding

House Passes Operating and Capital Budgets

The House of Representatives enacted their versions of both the 2007-09 operating and capital budgets during their Monday morning floor session.  The biennial capital budget passed by a vote of 93-4 and there were no amendments to the bill that affected funding for the University. The operating budget was a more partisan affair, passing by

House Transporation Budget Adds Help for Bothell Offramp

This morning, the House of Represenatives passed the 2007-09 biennial transportation budget.  A floor amendment to the budget offered by Rep. Judy Clibborn (D-Mercer Island) will provide some financial assurance for the UW Bothell SR 522 interchange project.  Ranking minority member Rep. Fred Jarrett (R-Mercer Island) also spoke in favor of the amendment which passed unanimously.

House Floor Action on Budgets Anticipated This Morning

Action on all three major budgets (operating, capital and transporation) is expected when the House of Representatives convenes this morning at 10:00 a.m.  Members are expected to go to caucus to discuss proposed amendments to the biennial spending plans and then return to the chamber to enact each budget.  Because the House has delayed action

Operating Budget Passes House Committee — Changes Made to UW Budget

At about 1:00 a.m. this morning, weary members of the House Appropriations Committee passed SHB 1128 — the House Democrats version of the 2007-09 biennial operating budget.  Numerous amendments were considered, debated and passed in the more than nine hours that elapsed from the time committee members convened at 3:30 p.m. the prior afternoon. There were

House Capital Budget Clears Committee

The House Capital Budget Committee this morning gave unanimous approval to their version of the 2007-09 biennial capital budget.  On a voice vote, both Democrat and Republican members praised the $4.2 billion total funds spending plan which includes $145 million in state funds for University capital projects.  No substantive amendments were made to the bill, meaning the

House Appropriations Committee to Work Late

As of 7:00 p.m. tonight, House Appropriations Committee members are still behind closed door caucus meetings trying to decide which amendments to offer on the House Democrat’s operating budget proposal which was released yesterday.  Even after that decision is made, committee members must caucus again to insure they know how members will vote on each amendment. This

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