State Relations

May 13, 2013

Governor Inslee signs higher education operating efficiencies legislation

Gov. Inslee signs H.B. 1736

Gov. Inslee signs H.B. 1736Washington State Legislative Support Services

On Friday (May 10), Governor Jay Inslee signed HB 1736, sponsored by Representatives Hans Zeiger, Larry Seaquist, Larry Haler, Gerry Pollet, Cindy Ryu, David Sawyer, Steve Bergquist, Chad Magendanz, and Jessyn Farrell.ŸŸ

The central goal of the legislation is to enhance the efficiency of higher education institutions by better coordinating and streamlining certain state reporting requirements. The bill directs the Office of Financial Management, higher education institutions, and several state agencies to review reporting requirements, and report recommendations for changes by December 2013.

The bill was successfully amended in the State Senate to include a proposal from earlier legislation authored by Representative Marcus Riccelli, which allows for student advisory committees to be formed at each four-year institution of higher education. The purpose of the committees will be to advise and assist the administration of the institution on issues that directly affect students’ ability to access and succeed in their educational programs.

Among other provisions, the bill also allows institutions of higher education and state higher education agencies to use or accept secure electronic signatures.