State Relations

November 19, 2007

Calls for Special Session Ringing Loudly

Most of the local political blogs seem convinced the Governor will call the state legislature into special session sooner rather than later to act to reimpose some sort of local property tax limitation in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to toss out Initiative 747.  The Associated Press said today that Democratic leaders were preparing for a special session on property taxes and that House Speaker Frank Chopp has indicated that like the Governor, his caucus favors reimposing the 1% limit called for in Initiative 747.  Senate Democrats also seem to indicate that a special session on property taxes is inevitable, but have not yet publically endorsed the 1% limitation.

The Governor’s Republican challenger Dino Rossi has called for a special session on this issue as has Initiative 747 sponsor Tim Eyman.  The state legislature has a regularly scheduled assembly in Olympia at the end of the month and that would be a likely target date for a special session since most members have already re-arranged their schedules to attend.