State Relations

August 10, 2007

Higher Ed Research Plays Critical Role in NW Favorite Fluid

Sometimes, the value of higher education research isn’t always apparent to the average legislator or their constituents.  A lot of research is hard to explain and potential benefits are speculative or often years away.  So, when I read this story yesterday in the Eugene Register-Guard, I thought it deserved a mention on the blog.  This week, scientists and master brewers from 13 countries will gather at Oregon State University for an international symposium focusing on the crucial role of “hops” in the beer-making process.

As any lover of a Northwest microbrew will attest, hops are the crucial ingredient and Washington and Oregon are the largest hops-producing states in the nation.  The conference which began yesterday will focus on how the flavor, stability and bitterness of hops varieties influence the taste of beers.

So, how about a hops symposium as the new standard bearer for the benefits of higher education research?   Interestingly, my own application to attend the conference seems to have been lost.  Oh well, I was only going for the free samples.