State Relations

April 21, 2007

One Day to Go

First things first.  In the Spotlight section of the State Relations website, you will find a link to the 2007 Legislative Session Summary.  Hopefully, you will find this to be an informative summary of the operating and capital budgets for the UW as well as a summary of legislation that passed this year affecting the University and all of higher education.

The Senate has gone home for the evening but not before they passed the biennial capital budget by a vote of 46-0.  The House is still working, but debate on the WASL is as intense as I have seen it all session.  The Governor was meeting behind closed doors today with House and Senate education leaders but there is still no consensus on how to move forward.   The dreaded “special session” word has been mentioned more than once today in the rotunda, but hope remains that a consensus can be found before tomorrow’s scheduled adjournment.