State Relations

January 25, 2007

UW Lobbyist Takes Second in Trivia Contest

Many of you may think that a UW lobbyist gets by on just a pretty face and a clever wit — but you would be wrong.  It also helps to have some working knowledge of the political process.

While the last time I sat in a UW political science class the number one show on television was The Waltons, I believe I have managed to accumulate enough knowledge since then to be considered a “pundit” of some reknown.  So, it was exciting to see that in this week’s Seattle Times “State of the Union Trivia Contest” your intrepid Director of State Relations managed to finish tied for second place out of 1,200 entries.

Don’t believe me?  Here are the official results.  No word yet from the Blethen family regarding the bevy of prizes I am sure to be showered with.  Here is the official story on the contest results from David Postman, the Times chief political reporter.