UW Rome Center

What to Pack

  • You should pack only what you can carry by yourself.
  • Travel bags should be lockable and personal carry bags should have adjustable shoulder straps to help prevent theft.
  • Weather in Rome gets very hot and humid in the summer and quite cold and damp in the winter. Depending on your travel dates, please pack accordingly.
  • Remember that Italians dress more conservatively than Americans. Especially in the city (and always in the churches), shorts, short skirts, tank tops and sun dresses will often be inappropriate.
  • Suggested clothing includes turtlenecks and sweaters (to layer), coat or jacket, lightweight raincoat and compact umbrella, walking shoes, sandals, and dressier shoes, shorts, bathing suit, and one dressy outfit.
  • Be extremely careful that you have the correct power cords, necessary converters and adapters for any appliances or computer equipment that you bring from the U.S. Laptop power sources and digital camera chargers usually have built in voltage converters (110v US to 220v Italian), so you will only need a plug adaptor. Adaptors can be purchased at the UWRC.
  • A note regarding laundry: All student apartments have washing machines, but dryers are very rare in most homes. Clothing must therefore be dried on a clothesline or drying rack. Keep this in mind when packing!