UW Rome Center

UWRC Pre-Departure Checklist

Be sure to review the Pre-Departure Checklist below and make sure you have completed all of the following items before you arrive in Rome!

  • Visited and reviewed the Studying in Rome pages of the UWRC website.
  • Verified your passport meets travel requirements for the Schengen area, and is valid for at least 6 months after the date of your exit from the Schengen.
  • For non-US or Canadian citizens, obtained a Type C Schengen visa if applicable.
  • Made a copy of your passport (and visa, if applicable) for you to carry, and also took a picture of it (them) to keep on your phone.
  • Have your COVID-19 Green Pass (or equivalent, such as the U.S. CDC vaccination card) or certification of full recovery from COVID-19.
  • Registered with the UW Department of State’s STEP service.
  • Purchased UW Study Abroad Insurance.
  • Have a sufficient supply of any prescription medications and other health care supplies for the duration of your program.
  • Reviewed our suggested on what to pack, and have tried to keep your luggage light!
  • Purchased personal property insurance to protect your valuables.
  • Purchased an international calling plan or unlocked your cell phone so that you can buy an Italian SIM card in Rome.
  • Informed your credit card company and bank about your travels.
  • Informed the UWRC staff of your arrival information on the Google Sheet sent to you via email.
  • Made arrangements for your transportation from the airport to the UWRC via bus, train or car.

See you soon in Rome!