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Passports & Visas

Italy is a party to the Schengen Agreement. Students must have a valid passport and may need a visa in order to enter Italy. If you do not have a passport, APPLY NOW! The normal processing time is four to six weeks, but it can be longer during peak travel season. Start by reviewing the UW Study Abroad passport and visa web page. Learn more and apply at the UW State Department website.


It is your responsibility to verify that your passport meets all validity requirements before traveling. In order to enter the Schengen area, US passport holders must have a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months past the date on which you will EXIT Italy or another country in the Schengen area. Thus, your passport should be valid for 6 months + the duration of your program. Visit the US State Department website for more information.

Holders of non-US passports may have different requirements. Please consult your home country’s equivalent of the Department of State, or the “citizen’s services” section of your home country’s U.S. Consulate, for more information.


U.S. and Canadian citizens may enter Italy for academic purposes for periods of up to 90 days without a study visa. Students from other countries should consult the Italian Consulate website to verify whether or not you need to obtain a study visa.

Program participants from other countries should consult the Italian Consulate website to check if they need a visa in order to study in Italy. If a visa is required, students should contact the UW Study Abroad for assistance with the application. To request an letter verifying your enrollment in a study abroad program, complete the UW Study Abroad Enrollment Letter Request Form.

If you are from a country without a short-term visa exemption, it is your responsibility to obtain the required study visa. Students requiring visas and participating on programs lasting less than 90 days must get a Short Stay or “C” type visa.  When you receive your visa, please verify that it is the correct type. If you have been issued a Long Stay or “D” type visa, please contact the UW Rome Center IMMEDIATELY. A Long Stay “D” visa entails a series of legal obligations upon arrival in Italy in order to convert the visa into a stay permit; the Rome Center staff can assist if informed well in advance of your arrival in Italy.

Travel in Italy or other Schengen countries before/after your program

U.S. and Canadian citizens may travel before and after the program as long as your TOTAL STAY (duration of your program + any travel within the Schengen area before and after your program) does not exceed 90 days. If you overstay the 90-day limit in the Schengen area, you may be subject to fines, expelled to the U.S. and/or banned from applying for a visa for a number of years.

Have questions? Contact the UW Study Abroad office.