UW Rome Center

In January, contractors broke ground — or floor, rather — at Palazzo Pio.

After many years of planning in coordination with Istituto Tata Giovanni, which owns Palazzo Pio, renovations are now underway at the UW Rome Center. Staged in three phases, the project includes critical updates to the structure, electrical and mechanical works; important fire safety prevention measures; as well as new lighting, flooring and educational technology. The renovation also maximizes educational space so that future generations of UW students can participate in the transformative experience of study abroad in the heart of Rome.

We are currently engaged in phase 1 of the project. Projects include:

  • Transforming the seminar room into a lovely exhibit space to showcase student work
  • Creating a waiting room area, common-use kitchenette, and new seminar room
  • Installing new bathrooms
  • Reconfiguring a faculty apartment
  • Opening up access to the terrace overlooking Campo de’ Fiori for students and faculty

20170828_GLOBAL AFFAIRS_ROME_01187Phases 2 (tentatively scheduled for April 2020 – April 2021) and 3 (tentatively scheduled for September 2021 – July 2022) include similar work, all with an eye for improving the usability of the space for our academic programs, conferences and other educational activities.

Classes and programming are in full swing during the renovation. To make room, we have repurposed and consolidated other spaces, including “the Prow” on the 3rd floor, and the library and computer lab on the 4th floor.

While the work is going on, programming will continue and classes are currently in full swing on the third and fourth floors of the UWRC. We will continue to welcome UW programs throughout all three phases the project, and encourage faculty to come see first-hand the transformation that is underway here in Rome. While some flexibility will be required around classroom assignments, programs scheduled at the UWRC this year will be accommodated in existing classroom space. Programs wishing to come in the future are very much encouraged to submit their applications for next year as well, which are due August 31, 2019 for 2020-2021 programs (except Early Fall 2020 programs, for which the application deadline is October 31, 2019).

Bookmark this page for updates, and consider visiting us to check out the work in progress. We’d also love to show you the beautiful results once the project is completed.