UW Rome Center


Student accommodations are generally located off campus within a 30-minute walk of the UWRC in apartments shared with other students in your program. Many apartments are located in beautiful, centuries-old buildings, some of which have steep staircases or other architectural elements typical of old buildings. Apartments typically have one to three bedrooms, a living room/common area, and one or more bathroom. All apartments are furnished and have a fully-equipped kitchen including standard Italian kitchenware, washing machine and drying rack. Bedrooms are usually shared with one or two other students, including one single bed per student and closet/clothing storage space. Bed, bath and kitchen linens are provided.

Apartments are cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning service. The cleaning service does not include daily chores like washing dishes or tidying personal belongings. Upon arrival, you will be provided with a small initial supply of toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, and dish detergent. Students are expected to replenish these items as needed.  student living room

Student housing assignments will be made by your Program Director and you will receive further information about your assigned apartment, including your address and apartment-mates, in advance of your arrival in Rome. You will also be asked to sign the UWRC Housing Agreement during the onboarding process.

Check in for student apartments is typically on the first day of your program and check out is the day after your program ends, unless your program has made other arrangements. If you will be arriving to Rome before the start of your program and staying later, you will need to make alternative housing arrangements for those additional days. When you check in at the UWRC, you will be asked to pay a fully refundable apartment damage deposit (€50). You must have exact change in euros, so please be sure to have cash on you in hand when you arrive!

Please note that damage to personal property is not covered by landlord/agency insurance, so if you will be bringing expensive equipment or valuables to Rome, you should consider obtaining personal property coverage. Also, to ensure the safety of your valuables while in Rome, we recommended that you bring a small padlock to keep your cash/valuables in a locked suitcase.