UW Rome Center

Transportation and Getting Around Town

Walking is the best way to get to know the city, and most everything within the Centro Storico is within less than a 30 minute walk. While most large streets have sidewalks, most of the windy cobblestone streets do not and are thus shared with scooters, cars and trucks. Be mindful of traffic around you and stay to the side of the street when you hear a vehicle approaching. The bus and subway systems are also convenient and inexpensive. Bus/subway tickets cost €1.50 and can be used to transfer within 100 minutes from the time they are first validated. They are sold at most tobacco shops, ticket booths, ticket vending machines, and some newsstands. Enter buses from the back or front door and validate the ticket in the machine inside the bus; get off from the central doors. If you choose to use taxis while in Rome please consider Chiamataxi +060609 or download the MyTaxi app onto your phone!

Getting to the UW Rome Center

SHUTTLE  This is the least expensive option from Fiumicino, Rome’s international airport, or Ciampino, a smaller airport for some European connections. Buses run about every 30 minutes and trips take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Tickets can be purchased online at Sit Bus Shuttle (tickets purchased online cost €6 one way per person; be sure to print the e-ticket and keep it with you) or on board of the bus. The bus stop at Fiumicino Airport is located near Terminal 3, bus stop no. 1 (take right when you go out from the terminal). In Ciampino Airport, the bus stop is located near the exit from the terminal. Once at Termini, purchase a bus ticket at the newsstand outside of the station for €1.50 and take the #64 bus for €1.50 to the Corso Vittorio Emanuele/Sant’Andrea della Valle stop (9 stops), and then walk to the UWRC.

TRAIN   The regional train from Fiumicino airport to Stazione Trastevere (7 stops) runs from 5:57 am to 11:27 pm daily, leaving every 15 to 20 minutes and costs €8. You can purchase a ticket in advance at Trenitalia.com or at the station adjacent to the airport. (There are two trains from Fiumicino, so make sure you take the train headed for Fara Sabina. The other train goes to Roma Termini, which is another option, it just takes longer!) From the Trastevere train station, purchase a bus ticket at the newsstand inside the station for €1.50 and take the #8 tram in the direction of Venezia to the Arenula/Cairoli stop (8 stops), and then walk to the UWRC.

CAR SERVICE  The most convenient, but expensive way to get to the UWRC is to book a car in advance only. You can book through a number of providers including AutolineRoma on Android or iPhone (€40, Discount Code: 101), MovinRome (€39), Fiumicino Taxi (€42), or MyTaxi (approximately €50). Surcharges may apply between 11 pm and 5 am.

If you take a taxi from the taxi pick-up line at Fiumicino, be forewarned that drivers frequently try to charge significantly more than the flat rate established by law from Fiumicino airport to the historic center of Rome (currently €48 for a “Comune di Roma” cab, €60 for a “Comune di Fiumicino” cab). This rate is applicable regardless of time of day, number of passengers, and quantity of luggage. Make sure that you verify the cost with the driver and have exact change ready. Make sure that your luggage is out of the taxi before you pay the driver. Always take a legal WHITE taxi.