UW Rome Center

Staying in Touch

It is important for your family to know how you are doing while you are studying in Rome. Arrange a plan to keep in touch with a family member, especially in the case of an emergency, and keep family up-to-date on your studies and travels, especially any independent travel that does not involve your university program.


There is wireless access throughout the UWRC facility for students using their own laptop or mobile device.  The UWRC Computer Lab (generally open Monday-Friday 8:45 am to 1 am and some  weekend hours) has 12 desktop computers and other equipment. Since the lab is intended primarily for academic use, you should not count on unlimited access for personal email or web browsing.

Cell phones

All UW Rome Center students are required to have a cell phone able to receive/send calls in Italy for program and emergency purposes. Your program director will compile a list of all student cell phone contacts within the first few days of your program.

Cell phone options:

  • Bring your US phone (unlocked) and buy an Italian phone chip (costs about 25 euros including 1st month phone/data plan; monthly plans cost as little as 15 euros.)  Here’s how it works:  if you come to Rome with an UN-LOCKED U.S. phone, you can swap your SIM card (with your U.S. provider) and purchase a local SIM card. You can purchase one from any of the three Italian providers: Wind, Vodafone, or TIM (shop closest to the UWRC).
  • Purchase an Italian cell phone in Rome, for about 50 euros including SIM card and 1st month phone/data plan. 

Note: It is also possible to rent cell phones through agencies operating online or in Rome/Florence, but there are currently none that we could recommend to our students or faculty.

Receiving calls

Telephone calls should be directed to students’ cell phones. Emergency messages may be left with the UWRC Office.

Please note that unless specifically authorized, Rome Center staff cannot give out students’ addresses or home Rome phone numbers to family or friends calling.

Students can make international calls with an American AT&T, MCI or Sprint calling card.

Making International Calls

Italy Country Code: +39
To call the U.S.: +1.Area Code.Number or 001.Area Code.Number
To call an Italian number from the U.S. or from a U.S. number while in Italy: +39.Area Code.Number or 011.39.Area Code.Number

See HowtoCallAbroad.com for more assistance.