November 2017 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Budget: Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Cascading Behavior for Salary Data Can Now be Turned Off

If you prefer to manually enter wage-related values across all years of your multi-period budget, you may now choose to turn off cascading of salary data on the Line Setup screen. Cascading of salary data will be turned on by default.

Updates to Cascading of Salary Data

When cascading is ON/selected for salary data, and you have multiple budget periods, you will experience the following:

  • When you change either the Monthly Base Salary amount or Salary Inflation Rate, all future period Monthly Salary Base values will be updated.
  • The “Effort” section values, salary inflation rate, and any prior period entries will be unaffected by cascading, so that any custom entries will be retained.

Inflation Rate Auto-Update

On the Update Periods screen for Salary, if you click “Update Salary” for a particular period, the Inflation Rate will no longer reset to the original value. The inflation rate will remain unchanged, and only the Monthly Base Salary and related salary total calculations will be updated, with cascading updates to future periods when cascading is on/checked.

Decimal Handling Improvements

On the Period Update screen for any line item, when you enter a decimal into an entry field, the full number entered will be visible when you click in the cell, regardless of the Display Setting for decimals. When you click away from the cell the value displayed will be based on the Decimal Settings in the Properties tab – Advanced Budget Settings.

APL Benefit Rates and Amounts Corrected

On the Update Periods screen for Salaries on an APL budget, you will now see both the APL Benefit Rate and the APL Leave Rate displayed. This will be helpful in understanding and verifying the Total Benefits calculation, which is equal to the combined APL Benefit and Leave Rates multiplied by the Period Salary.

In addition, when you click the “Update Rate” link, the APL Benefit Rate and the APL Leave Rate will refresh with the correct values.

APL Pro-Rated Direct Cost Updates

For APL budgets, SAGE is now updated with the current Pro-Rated Direct Cost (PDC) rate and updated calculation logic. The calculation of the PDC cost amount is based on total APL modified total direct costs multiplied by the PDC rate. The PDC amount also now shows as a distinct line item on the parent budget, under object code (19).

Roll-up of Total F&A Updated

The parent budget total F&A is now showing the combined roll-up of all F&A, inclusive of internal UW sub budgets. Users no longer need to add the parent and sub budgets together for a combined total.

F&A Base Calculation for Non-MTDC budgets that include subcontracts

For budgets that include one or more subcontracts, the $25,000 cap for inclusion of subcontract costs in UW’s F&A base will only be applied when the base type is MTDC. All other base types will calculate F&A on the full amount of the subcontracts. The custom base type can continue to be used for situations where the sponsor has irregular rules around how F&A can be charged.