May 2012 Release Notes


  • Subcontract shells can no longer be created from within an FA. They can only be created by the subcontracts team through the administration tab.
  • All subcontracts assigned to Judy Yoshioka and Verenice Barbosa/Bendana have been reassigned to e-shelf.
  • An Assigned To Date column has been added to the SPAERC Funding Action and Admin Action tasklists to notify users when a new item appears. The field appears as the right-most column, and can be moved if desired.


  • When Re-sending a PAC/FA to GCA, the OSP Notes field will be mandatory
  • The error message color block did not cover the entire error message. This has been corrected for the subcontract PO number error message.
  • An FA with a Flow-Through Sponsor of Pending cannot be approved in SPAERC, and therefore cannot be sent to GCA.
  • Subcontracts were not moving to the proper cycle when the parent FA was moved. This has been corrected so that the Subcontract will be moved with the FA However old data will still be an issue and will need to be resolved on a case by case basis. A list has been given to Carol Rhodes to help resolve these issues as 99 errors will be generated until it has been determined which cycle the Subcontract and FA should be in.