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How do I connect my SAGE Budget to an Award Setup Request?

Review the Budget & Award Lines article for the complete steps.

Briefly, to attach the SAGE budget to your Award Setup Request, search for your budget by budget title, BudgetID number, or PI.

Select your budget from the results list.

Once a budget is connected to an eCG1, what are the access rules for each item?
Why is the budget period I’m trying to connect to my eGC1 unavailable?

Review the Connect Budget article in the eGC1 Forms user guide for details.

There are three possible reasons why a budget period may not be available for connection:

  • It may already be connected to another eGC1. Each budget period can only be connected to one eGC1.
  • Budget periods must be connected to eGC1s in a sequential fashion. You cannot connect a budget period to an eGC1 if any period following it has already been connected to an eGC1.
  • A previous budget period may already be connected to an eGC1, and that eGC1 may not yet be in Approved status. You must wait until OSP has approved the connected eGC1 before you can connect a subsequent budget period to a new eGC1.
How do I connect a budget I created in SAGE with my eGC1?

See the Connect Budget article in the eGC1 Forms user guide for details.

Note: for a Grant Runner application using the RR Detailed Budget, when you connect your budget, the budget’s data will overwrite any information you already entered on the Grant Runner form.

All the data from your budget worksheet and from any sub-budget worksheets will be imported to your eGC1 for the budget period you selected and will automatically overwrite any information you entered on the eGC1 Budget page. By default, the totals for your budget will also be included.

To connect your budget:

  1. On the eGC1’s Budget page, click Connect a Budget, enter the ID or Ref # for your budget, and then click Search.
  2. From the search results, Select the budget you want.
  3. Select the period of the budget you want to connect with your eGC1. Note: You can only connect one budget period with an eGC1.
  4. Click Apply to eGC1.

April 2012 SAGE Release

New Features

  • Budget and eGC1 Preparers, formerly known as Creators, may be updated by anyone with Read/Write access. This allows you control who gets notifications for an eGC1.
  • Users can enter or update access information once, and it will display on the centralized access page shared by both an eGC1 and its connected SAGE Budget.
  • Users with global edit access for an eGC1 will also have read/write access to the connected budget.


  • A validation message will be displayed if a user attempts to add a person a second time on the eGC1 PI and Personnel page.
  • All new approval snapshots will be in PDF format; the HTML option has been removed.
  • Personnel from older eGC1s who showed up as duplicate owners will now be displayed once.